Technical teachers should be paid well


PEOPLE with teaching and technical educational vocational training (Tvet) qualifications should be paid accordingly, Eastern Highlands Tvet coordinator Yausi Yahimeniko says.
He told The National yesterday that it was unfair for base-level Tvet staff to be paid the same as the base-level from a primary school.
“In the technical college, the base level is EO6 and vocational centres, it’s about two (qualifications) and the kind of qualifications these people have, both at technical and vocational centres – they are tradesman and women. They have served four years of apprenticeship,” Yahimeniko said.
“They (trades men and women) go and get their diploma in teaching and they come out, some go into technical colleges, some go into vocational colleges, but when you look at the salary gap, the base level at the vocational centres is EO2 – equivalent to someone just coming out of teachers’ college.”

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