Telikom under reform


TELIKOM PNG is undergoing major changes to be on par with modern technology as less people today are using landline telephones – a significant part of its business.
It is also understood that some of the assets owned by Telikom are now being transferred by the Government to bmobile in a move to streamline its business.
Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investment William Duma said more people were moving away from landlines to using social media, mobile phones and other communication medium.
“In the days before mobile phones, people used the fixed lines and telephones and the demand for such jobs was high,” he said.
“Some of those people have naturally become redundant because of the way things are done with the introduction of technology.
“Previously many of people were employed to manage and service the telephone lines and to install new lines.
“With mobile phones, not many people are applying for telephones so you have a situation where three people are doing one person’s job.”
Duma said it was why some Telikom employees were being made redundant.
“For those who have become redundant, they are not being just forced out of the street, they have agreed to a compensation package,” he said.
“It is not a case where Telikom is kicking people out. It is a negotiated process. We are helping re-train that person to help him get another job.
“It’s not a half-baked process, it’s something that has been well thought out and all the employees were informed and they were taken through the process.
“Whatever is due to the employees will be paid out.”

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