Telikom undertakes maintenance on cables


TELIKOM PNG Limited says infrastructure maintenance is being worked on at its second international gateway – the fibre optic cable from Madang to Guam and onto to the United States.
It said in a statement, the cable landing near the province’s lighthouse at Kalibobo had to put up with the effect of waves on the limestone shoreline putting pressure on concrete slabs which carried the cables.
To ensure the cable is intact and connectivity is stable, Telikom contractors are carrying out infrastructure works at the landing – with the assistance of the Madang Golf Club and the provincial government.
The Pacific Pipe Cable (PPC-1) spans 6900 kilometres and links Sydney in Australia directly to Guam.
The branching unit to Madang was installed in 2009.
The cable provides reliable transmission capacity with quality high-speed data connectivity.
Corporate entities and institutions with international business arrangements have the opportunity for direct connectivity in the United States of America, Asia and across the globe rather than services to these regions having to transit via Australia.
According to Telikom the PPC-1Pipe Cable System is a fibre-optic under-sea direct cable link from Madang to Guam and Madang to Sydney.
It offers a more improved quality and high-speed broadband data and voice services to customers in Papua New Guinea and across Oceania, Asia, Pacific and the Atlantic Regions.

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