Tenants warned about renting out


National Housing Corporation (NHC) tenants who are renting rooms out to third parties will be evicted, Minister for Housing and Urbanisation John Kaupa, pictured, says.
Kaupa issued the warning after receiving reports that some NHC tenants were using the accommodation for income.
He said that it was illegal for the tenants to do so and would ensure that the issue was looked into.
Those who are caught will be charged and thrown out.
“Many public servants are living in settlements, many are looking for places to rent and the current tenants must understand that they are fortunate to be living in NHC houses,” Kaupa said.
“They must not misuse the privilege as there were many others looking for affordable houses to rent.”
He said that his team would be valuing the houses to sell but first preference would be given to the current tenants.
“They can have the tittles and deeds to their homes,” Kapua said.

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