The law and the church


BORN-again spirit-filled believer, we know that Sabbath is not the answer but it’s one of God’s moral laws found in the Ten Commandments which you need to obey – like do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not covertness your brother’s wife, as declared in the Old Testament (Exodus 20).
If the same God commands you to keep all his commandments then you ought to obey them rather than follow your church doctrine.
For he that said do not commit adultery, said also do not kill. If you do not commit adultery, but kills then you have become a transgressor of the law.
For whoever keeps the law, and yet offends in one, is guilty of all (James 2: 10- 11).
Spirit-filled believer you will be judged by the law when every creature is brought before the final judgement (James 2:12).


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