The tsunami of corruption


YEARS back a tidal wave hit the shores of some Pacific Islands countries.
In one of those countries, a middle-aged woman was looking for crabs among the palm trees near the seashore one morning when she saw a line of red ants moving to higher ground. She also saw crabs coming out of their holes in numbers and heading to safety. She even saw birds flying towards the mountain.
She rushed back to the village and told the people what she had seen, and as she was talking, an elderly woman screamed: “Disaster is coming our way. We need to head to the mountain.”
The community rushed to the mountain and from there watched as the tsunami destroyed their village.
Animals are sensitive; they sense danger from a distance before they see it. As human beings, blessed with better intelligence, we should be better.
In this general election, the people of Papua New Guinea have voted for the leaders of their choice, but the question is, did we vote for leaders who will fight corruption?
Corruption is the greatest tsunami threatening our country and we need leaders who can show us the way out of danger.
Just like the ants did.

Lasaiga Meniha
Central Waigani

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