There’s more to the issue than you claim you know


LET’S not hide behind pen names like “Fed Up” to address issues affecting the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) if the concerns are indeed genuine.
It is not entirely true that our workers are denied their fortnightly salaries.
The pay period starts on Tuesday and should end on Friday.
But when the NBC staff pay does not get paid on Tuesdays, the same Tuesday that the debt committee sits for its weekly meeting to consider our monthly ceiling, suddenly our pay is “delayed.” Our salaries usually are paid by the Friday of the same week.
At present, the monthly grants from Government is usually sufficient for two fortnightly salaries for that month and the balance goes to meeting our monthly utility bills.
For example, if we are given K1.5 million a month, about K1.2m goes to the payment of two pay runs.
About K300,000 is left to pay for our monthly TV, electricity and water bills, apart from our other operational needs like duty travel, stationery, staff leave fares, etc.
Maintaining our radio and TV transmission is not a cheap exercise.
Furthermore, given the instructions by the Government to “live within our means,” the board and management instructed that overtime allowances, talent fees, salary advances and other out-of-salary allowances be temporarily ceased as there has been so much leakage and wastage.
Some of these long-held practices of requesting advances are outright illegal.
Therefore, this instruction will be in force until we get proper advice on the legality of most of these payments.
Our current funding situation is quite limited so some tough decisions have to be made now.
They may not make us popular right now but they have been made to ensure NBC reaps the benefits in the medium to longer term.
We are also currently finalising details to enable our fortnightly salaries to be remitted straight from Vulupindi Haus into the respective bank accounts of our staff, as well as strengthening our sales and marketing division to generate more regular internal revenue in 2017 to complement our monthly government grants.
Therefore, all is not simply ‘inaction’ and ‘incompetent’ as claimed by ‘Fed Up.’

Kora Nou,
a/Managing Director

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