This election most criticised


PAPUA New Guinea, a sovereign nation, delivers a national event that occurs every five years – the national general election and this one is the most commented and criticised one ever.
From the villages to districts HQ, major towns and cities witnessed a failed event in the history of the nation.
Adamantly, we were legally denied our rights to exercise our voice to vote for our leaders of our choice.
We do not have a second chance to exercise this democratic right on our motherland.
We were treated as foreigners.
Some points to ponder:

  • NID (national identification) programme was a failure with huge amount of money wasted;
  •  Village, towns and cities census (common roll updates) were a waste of time and money; and
  •  More than K1 billion for this national election is a waste

Who do we blame; the Government of the day, the bureaucrats of the day or the system that is in place?

Jacob Kavie
West Taraka Lae

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