Three cases struck out due to incomplete files


JUSTICE should be served quickly against an accused person, a magistrate said last week.
“Simple cases that do not require much investigation should not take more than three months to complete,” magistrate Cosmas Bidar said last Friday at the Bomana Committal Court.
He ordered three cases to be struck out because of incomplete police investigation.
Clement Peter, from Mekeo in Central and charged with breaking, entering and stealing, Sheppard Michael, charged with wounding, and Hetape Taniku, charged with attempted murder, all appearing separately, were ordered to be discharged after waiting for investigations in the Bomana prison for more than three months. “Three months is sufficient time to investigate a simple case of break and enter or unlawful wounding or unlawful killing,” Bidar said.
The court found that a certain arresting officer from the Gerehu Police Station in the National Capital District, did not complete investigations on Peter and Michael’s cases.
It was alleged that on July 6, Peter in the company of John Maravo, broke into Big Rooster at Gerehu Stage 6 and stole valuables from a shipping container in the yard.
The court heard that police were still looking for Maravo.
Michael was alleged to have wounded a man on July 22 at Gerehu Stage Six and Taniku was alleged to have attempted to kill a man at 8-Mile, NCD, on July 31.

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