Three escape cell after lock cut from outside


THREE men escaped from the police cell on Manus after a bolt-cutter was used to cut open the lock from outside, police say.
Provincial police commander Chief Inspector David Yapu said Manuel Popress, 19, of Tingou Masih village, Bupichupen Lelemadih local level government, Lorengau was facing charges of robbery, wounding, stealing and escaping.
Oliver Camau, 20, of Andra Island, PNKA local level government, Lorengau, is facing a charge of armed robbery.
Milton Karol, 29, from Ndilou village, Bupichupen Lelemadih local level government, was charged with break and enter and was serving three years at Lorengau prison when he escaped on August 24.
He was arrested on Sept 1 and locked up in the police cell.
Yapu said another person had used a bolt cutter to cut the locks and allowed the three to escape.
Police have arrested the prime suspect.
Yapu said there was no room for complacency in the force and every officer must perform their duties to the highest standard.
He recently suspended three officers for non-performance of duty and absenteeism.

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