Three heads better than one


From MALUM NALU in Alotau
The three National Capital District MPs in the Alotau camp have agreed to work together for the good of the city.
The three are NCD Governor-elect Powes Parkop, Moresby South MP-elect Justin Tkatchenko and Moresby North East MP-elect John Kaupa.
Parkop said he was hopeful that Moresby North West MP-elect Sir Mekere Morauta would put aside political differences and work with the other three MPs for the benefit of the city.
Tkatchenko said he had worked in partnership with Parkop over the last five years and wanted to continue.
“I also look forward to working together with the new member for Moresby North East John Kaupa and I look forward to helping him because we share a common border,” he said.
“With that, we can share our resources and our knowledge to help our people in Moresby North East and South.
“I congratulate John Kaupa on his long-overdue victory and I look forward to working with him and the National Capital District Commission.”
Parkop said Apec 2018 was a huge challenge for Port Moresby as the host city.
“I’m happy that the majority of our members are here,” he said.
“We need to work as a team.
“We need to deliver a city that is outstanding and can capture the imagination of the region and the world and promote our nation and our people.
“We have this rare opportunity to show the leaders of the big economies what we are.
“I’m happy that we three MPs have agreed to stand together, especially Kaupa, who has made his choice on behalf of the city for which I commend him.
“We are not just an ordinary city. We are the capital city, so we have an obligation to our people in the city and the entire nation, that’s why we have made the decision to stand together.
“Our goal now is to bring Port Moresby to the 21st century to convert settlements into suburbs, to work with the Motu-Koita villagers.
“I’m confident that with this combination, we are going to deliver a city like no other seen before in Papua New Guinea.”
Parkop urged Sir Mekere to work with the three NCD MPs-elect.
“That’s something for him to work out,” he said.
“I will make sure that whatever services are required for Moresby North West, we will make sure there is a balance.”

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