Three suspects to appear on sea piracy allegation


THREE suspects arrested and charged with sea piracy in Madang last weekend are expected to appear in court this week, police say.
The three suspects were captured by police patrolling the sea outside Madang town. They and five others hijacked and robbed the passengers of a small craft.
The incident occurred between 3.30pm and 4pm on Saturday.
Officer in charge of the police community liaison and reserve unit Chief Sgt Peter Gorek said police were on alert and patrolling both land and at sea during the Madang Investment Summit held last Wednesday to Saturday.
Gorek said those patrolling the sea spotted a suspicious movement by two boats at a distance and went across to investigate.
He said the pirates robbed store goods including a genset from the passengers on a boat and took five passengers to Ninan point at Nagada where they were left.
“Some of the passengers jumped into the sea and swam to Pig Island.”
Gorek said they hid the boat engine under some plants which police later discovered and retrieved.
Police arrested the three suspects between Sagalau and Mis waterfront after being tipped off.
Gorek said five of the suspects were still at large.
Sea piracy is a major concern for Madang police and a team called the “Water Rats” was now continuously monitoring the town’s coastline.
Provincial police commander Supt Jacob Singura has warned sea pirates to think twice before committing crime because the Water Rats would be on alert at sea.

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