Three-year ban is a joke


PNGNRL board’s decision to ban Hagen Eagles for a paltry three years is a very big joke! And there was no fine imposed on them but on Gurias players who were only defending themselves? Come on what sort of a decision was that? They should have been heavily fined and banned for more than 10 years. Also, find those supporters who invaded the field and charge them. If this is not done then the Board has completely lost touch with reality in today’s sports administration. A life has been lost; what more must
happen for a tougher action to be taken against teams and their uncivilized supporters? PNGNRL board should review their decision and take a tougher against all those concerned, including the Eagles’ supporters.
Finally, congratulations to the Lae Tigers for their win in the final against the Rabaul Gurias. Both teams should be commended for displaying real professionalism. They showed other teams how the games should be played at such level.

– SS,Waigani, NCD

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