Three yet to confirm participation


ALL the 22 provinces have confirmed their participation except Hela, Jiwaka and New Ireland in the upcoming PNG Games from Nov 18 to Dec 2 in Kimbe, West New Britain.
PNG Games sports director John Susuve said Hela, Jiwaka and New Ireland did not attend the last Games council meeting in Kimbe last week to confirm their participation.
“We want to encourage all the provinces to take part. They must not abstain from this bi-annual sporting event. If they cannot afford it, they can trim the team down but please don’t stay away from the games,” Susuve said.
He said Hela have been in contact with PNG Games until recently when they have not responded to calls from the Games secretariat or the organising committee.
Susuve said there was no news from Hela although he has been talking to provincial sports officer Ken Angobe.
“Angobe, however re-surfaced from the wilderness and confirmed that Hela will still attend the game and will be taking part only in kickboxing,” he said.
“He said teams have been training but finance was scarce which forced other sports to withdraw while kickboxing will be the only sport to represent Hela.
“Agobe said they were waiting for their political leaders and patron who is also the provincial administrator William Bando to make an official statement before we can be 100 per cent sure whether we are taking part or not.”
Susuve said New Ireland have their own in-house issue with their Governor Sir Julius Chan.
He said the PNG Games Council encouraged all provinces to attend the games.
Susuve said there was no word from Jiwaka either.

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