Tighter inspections on foreign goods sold


Why are authorities not checking some foreign-run businesses in
this country on the products they sell?
There are some junk products sold which are not good for use.
On a positive note, it is good that those developments and/or services are meeting the timely needs and demands of the people but in the long run it might have some adverse effects if it is not controlled as early as possible.
The government agencies that are concerned in regulating foreign business activities in this country must effectively carry out their duties.
Why are there no effective inspections carried out on foreign run businesses in this country and make findings available for appropriate actions to be taken?
They cannot sit and expect miracles to take its course; there must be something done to ban these ill-practices that have been going on in this country for so too long.
Someone from outside doing business in this country sees the concern Government Regulating Agency watchdogs as ‘laughing stocks’ because the systems that are in place are not effective to pin down them.

Yorine Inove

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