‘Time management vital to avoid stress resulting in depression’

Health Watch

CONSULTANT psychiatric Dr Uma Ambi says time management is important to avoid stress which then leads to depression.
Ambi told a World Health Day gathering that there were simple things an average Papua New Guinean should follow to prevent depression:

  • Eat the right healthy food;
  • regular exercise;
  • have effective communication skills;
  • have a tight family network; and,
  • Have a deep spiritual connection.

“In America, those who are suffering from cancer had mental peace and they moved on and they even fought the sicknesses,” she said.
“The immune get distracted when you are under stress. So when you have the spiritually, it gives you hope and improves your immunity.
“Eat the right food not the junk. Things do affect the way you think. So the right food means eat the right amount and nutritious food.
“Vitamins are very important for our brain and thinking.”
Ambi said depression was treatable and manageable and people must seek help from the services available.
“Loss of interest in doing things, lack of energy, early morning awakening, like 3am you get up and you can’t get back to sleep,” she said.
“Sometimes not specific physical issues – you go to doctor and nothing is coming out.
“If it is happening more than two weeks, then it’s an issue you may have depression.”
She said the causes could be genetic, psycho-social.
Different age groups can have different issues like medical breakdown or financial issues, loss of job or any kind of problem like wantok problems which can lead to stress resulting in depression.

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