Time to split Eastern Highlands in two


OF all the news articles I have read so far this year, I would like to applaud Henganofi MP and Police Minister Robert Atiyafa for the article on the separation from Eastern Highlands province to a new province.
Indeed it is something relieving which all MPs from the eastern block should support and make it a reality as it is overdue and outstanding issue which has never brought to public.
The MP stated that it was and has been an invisible demarcation for too which must be done now or never.
During the early provincial government days, when someone from the western side of Eastern Highlands becomes the premier usually a deputy premier would come from the eastern block and vice versa.
Now that the population has grown and service delivery has become stagnant in some electorates like Obura Wonenara, Lufa and Okapa, it is timely this matter has to be pursued vigorously to make it happen.
Eastern Highlands Province having eight electorates is one too many therefore no one with a sense of morality should ask any questions as people have suffered enough without tangible developments with the current status.
The eastern block shares the borders with Morobe, Madang and Gulf provinces which make it unique that when separated some parts of these province could become attached to the new province and a name could be decided when it becomes one.
While it is fresh I would also like to suggest the headquarters of this proposed new province to be either at Arona Valley or Tairora Plateaus.
The land mass is so vast in these areas that it would not have the problems of expansion and development as currently experienced in Goroka town.

Peter Akori
Okapa, EHP

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