Top cop slams SHP violence and destruction


POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki has condemned the violence and destruction of properties in the Southern Highlands and called on the province’s leaders to stop it.
“Fighting, killing and destruction of properties are not the way to solve disputes,” he said.
“I am, therefore, appealing to the regional candidates, William Powi and Robert Kopoal, to stop the death and destruction that is currently taking place in Mendi.
“Leaders must take ownership of the situation and actively and positively contribute towards restoring peace and normalcy.”
The commissioner said the current situation, despite its negative nature, provided an opportunity for either men to show their true grit as leaders.
“As a true test of their leadership qualities and genuineness, these two leaders must now come out publicly and condemn these killings and appeal to their people to stop any further violence and destruction,” Baki said.
“There are peaceful and legal avenues available to the aggrieved candidates and their supporters to pursue instead of resorting to violence.
“Leaders who continue to remain silent are encouraging the tension so the onus is on you now to show your true colours.
“You are either for or against violence.”
He said police and security forces could only do so much.
“At the end of the day, it is Powi and Kopoal who can intervene and bring about lasting peace,” he said.

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