Total, UPNG plan internship


TOTAL E&P PNG Limited has announced an internship programme with the University of Papua New Guinea to help students get work experience and an understanding of field work.
Director corporate affairs Richard Kassman said the internship will be done through a professorship programme to be introduced by the university lecturers to the different faculties.
He said Total E&P will provide the expertise and training of the students.
“Our professionals and lecturers from France would be coming to train students on topics that cover the legal aspects of human resources, geology, engineering, operations and other subjects,” he said.
“We’d like to do it formally, where we get students from different faculties to spend some weeks, months with us and do some real work.
“It is important that through the work opportunity given, we ensure we give them a real sense of responsibility, equipping them so they can be able to deliver work in a strong professional environment.”
Kassman said entry into the programme will involve students who are doing exceptionally well in their studies.
“It will be just like the normal process of selecting eligible students after exams,” he said.

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