Tour helps broaden knowledge: Teacher


EXCURSIONS help broaden thinking and learning capacity for students as they visualise theories taught in classrooms, says a primary school teacher in Port Moresby.
Koiari Park Adventist Primary School teacher Lee Kalinoe said this following a visit by 72 grade 3 students to The National newspaper offices to see how newspapers are produced.
She said the excursion was part of the school’s literacy week programme.
“The purpose of us coming here is because this week is literacy week and we would like them to see the importance of reading and writing and the role these two skills can play in communicating information,” Lee said.
She added that literacy was not only about libraries and theories in classrooms.
“We decided to bring our students out to visit places and organisations like The National as a media company because this can encourage them to keep up with the news and to keep an open mind on the happenings, both domestically and internationally, that concerns their lives.
“We are teaching them well in schools, but they also need to go out of their small learning environment to know what’s happening out there in a bigger picture,” Lee said.
She said that excursions were a platform for the students to start planning and setting their career goals.
Lee said they were also doing other activities in school like visiting libraries and reading and writing.
“So we see that the literacy week is very important for schools because almost half of our grade 3 students do not know how to read and write properly.”
She said and their main goal was to make sure those students got to at least know how to
read and write before the year ended.

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