Tourism research centre to be established


A NATIONAL tourism and hospitality research centre is to be established in Madang.
The proposed PNG Tourism and Hospitality Research Centre would be part of the Divine Word University’s (DWU) campus.
Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Tobias Kulang visited the Tourism and Hospitality Department and DWU president Prof Cecilia Nembou and her senior executive team had discussions on how this would be implemented.
Kulang presented K100,000 to begin the initial work that he expects to start soon.
He said the aim of the centre was to build tourism and hospitality and the research centre to be a hub for tourism information in the country.
Kulang said although the tourism and hospitality industry generated only two per cent of the national revenue, it could be improved with appropriate interventions.
He said that there was huge potential for the industry to generate more income but policies of the industry had to be realistic and supported by research findings.
Kulang said universities had the capacity to drive research due to the fact that “research gives life to universities”.
He said that DWU was chosen because of its pioneering tourism and hospitality programme in which skilled tourism experts were educating young, upcoming tourism and hospitality managers.
He expressed interest in the university working in partnership with key agencies in the industry to establish and run the centre.
Nembou thanked Kulang for involving DWU and said that the plan aligned to the university emphasised active research.
She said that relevant members of the university would meet to discuss how to progress with the plan.
A separate meeting was held to brainstorm ideas for reference and a concept paper for the centre.

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