Trade dept finalises policy


THE Department of Trade, Commerce and Industry is finalising its first trade policy, according to official Bridgette Kamish.
Kamish, the DTCI Apec and Trade Facilitation assistant secretary, said in a statement the country did not have a national trade policy to guide the country in its negotiations and agreements.
“PNG is a member of the World Trade Organisation and is party to a number of international trade agreements with various trading partners including the European Union, Melanesian Spearhead Group, Australia (through the PNG-Australia Trade and Commercial Relations Agreement known as PATCRA) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.
“However, for PNG to maximise the benefits coming from these agreements, it is crucial to first understand what these trade arrangements are about.”
Kamish said the trade landscape had become more complex.
“There is a need for a strategic road map to guide PNG on which countries to engage with, what to engage on and how to engage with other countries, as well as to assess the value that these trade agreements will bring to ordinary Papua New Guineans,” she said.
Kamish said the European Union assisted the department’s trade division with funding and technical assistance to finalise the policy.

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