Traffic officers in city to check out faulty vehicles


Traffic officers in the National Capital District will be checking out for vehicles that do not meet safety standards, traffic police head Inspector Philip Koliadi says.
Koliadi said the police would make thorough checks on traffic offences involving vehicles with bald tyres, faulty signal and brake lights, brakes and emission of black and blue smoke in the city.
He said police had a meeting with the Department of Transport and Road Safety Authority and agreed to carry out a trial at road blocks for a month to make sure that all vehicles were roadworthy.
He said this was to ensure the safety of not only drivers but pedestrians also.
“All these little thing are traffic offences,” he said.
“The emission of fumes from the vehicle is a health hazard to pedestrians, and the failure to fix brakes, and lights and bald tyres can cause accidents.
He urged owners of faulty vehicles in the National Capital District to get their vehicles serviced to avoid being booked at check points.
Meanwhile, as the festive period draws near, Koliadi urged parents not to lend vehicles to their children or anyone else to drive.

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