Train our own doctors


I FULLY support Prof Glen Mola’s opposition to the engagement of Cuban doctors to work in district hospitals in PNG (The National, Nov 30).
Mola hit the nail on the head when he said that Cuban doctors were not suited to our health system and they did not speak proper English.
This shows how stupid we are when we let our emotions control us rather than using our wisdom and brains.
We keep on doing the same things over and over again without thinking and most of the time we end up the biggest losers without achieving anything. I find that very hard to understand.
Do not get me wrong, this country definitely needs more doctors but I believe the Cubans would face problems if sent to our rural areas.
We have all the money to train more Papua New Guineans or to purchase life-saving medical equipment but in this country life is just not precious.
We think only of ourselves and building our empires rather than concern for the welfare of our people.

Tumba Biinem
Port Moresby

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