Train-the-trainers capacity building tool kit launched


A MICROFINANCE professionals level one tool kit has been launched for the centre for excellence in financial inclusion microfinance trainers for capacity building.
Bank of PNG governor Loi Bakani said it was important that trainers were properly equipped to carry out their financial inclusion programmes and activities.
“The importance of financial inclusion and the journey on financial inclusion in parts of the Pacific, and Papua New Guinea, is one of the cornerstones of the development of this journey on financial inclusion,” Bakani said.
“For those who will go out and do various task in getting people into the whole financial services, introducing various products, it needs some skills.
“To be successful in a dynamic environment, it is important that staff should acquire themselves, not only to respond to changes but also to be committed in all areas.
“Microfinance tool kit is a timely intervention, to fulfill the need of the industry and support professional diploma in microfinance.”

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