Trainer applauds TFF policy


THE Tuition Fee Free (TFF) policy has brought everybody into the education system and must be applauded, says Wilfred Kaleva from Kaleva & Associates.
Kaleva, lead trainer and facilitator at a workshop for district education coordinators and advisors in New Guinea Islands region underway in Kokopo, said TFF had provided good opportunities for children especially from disadvantaged families and places where economic and income activity was low.
He has played a role in formulation of the policy and said enrolment since 2010 was 79 per cent of total population – which equated to 1.5 million students in the country..
“When TFF came, we saw enrolment start to increase in 2012, and now enrolments continues to grow,” Kaleva said.
“The elementary and primary sector continues to grow while secondary and vocational sectors remain stagnant. TFF in itself is beautiful.
“Many people are questioning the influx of students coming into the system and my answer to that always is that it is good news for our country.”
Kaleva said people were going to schools to be educated to be better citizens of the country and people should be applauding this.
He said one function of the Education Department in the province was to bring everybody into the system and no one should be left behind.
“TFF is for the whole country and has no bias to it,” Kaleva said.

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