Training helps cadets to understand international norms


A GROUP of 40 cadets from the three disciplined forces underwent a three-day training at the Joint Force Military Academy in Lae last week.
The training focused on international policing standards applicable to law.
College chief instructor Mark Kellerton said the training provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross gave the cadets an understanding of human rights law and international norms and best practices of law enforcement duties.
“We are keen to improve the standards of our disciplined forces and it is essential our cadets learn to understand and apply international standards as they go into the field,” Kellerton said.
The workshop from Tuesday to Thursday provided a forum for cadets to discuss real case scenarios and how to apply international standards at work.
The cadets learned how to deal with situations of violence, crowd control, use of force and firearms and arrests and detention.  Anand Appadoo, the course facilitator and ICRC armed forces delegate based in Manila, said it was important that members of the disciplined forces at all times acted within guiding principles and the law. “When the rules are followed, everyone is safe and happy,” he said.

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