Training provided to preserve tree kangaroos


Port Moresby Nature Park has provided training to three staff of the Tenkile Conservation Alliance to continue its conservation of tree kangaroos.
With the aim of conserving and preserving three tree kangaroo species found in Lumi in West Sepik, the three wildlife officers underwent four days training on animal welfare with the Nature Park’s wildlife department.
Port Moresby Nature Park wildlife manager Geoff Underwood said as a leading zoological attraction with extensive knowledge in animal husbandry with international standard animal facilities, they were able to train people in such areas.
“As PNG’s only internationally officially recognised zoo and as PNG’s leading native zoo we have to show leadership in the message we spread,” Underwood said.
He said Port Moresby Nature Park has been supporting the Tenkile Conservation project over a number of years including accommodation support, funding support and training.
Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) is a non-governmental organisation based in PNG since 2001 under the direction of Australian directors Jim Thomas and Jean Thomas.
TCA has implemented many projects including research, conservation training, water and sanitation projects and sustainable projects such as rabbit and fish farming.
TCA also won a number of international awards for its implementation of community-based conservation projects that not only benefit tree kangaroos but the communities that live alongside them.
TCA is responsible for protecting and saving the Tenkile, Weimang and Finsch’s tree kangaroos.
The Port Moresby Nature Park has been involved in a number of conservation programmes including, tree kangaroos, pig-nosed turtles, spectacle flying foxes and bird of paradise.

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