Transport issues need multilateral action: Tkatchenko


Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meetings in Papua New Guinea will be very Pacific in style and hospitality, with world-class logistics and security, Minister for Lands and Physical Planning Justin Tkatchenko says.
Speaking at the opening of the organisation’s 10th Transport Ministerial meeting in Port Moresby on Saturday, Tkatchenko said the agenda on regional connectivity through inclusive, resilient and sustainable and innovation in the digital age was highly relevant.
“Capable transportation networks determine the quality of life for millions of people in the Apec region,” he said. “Efficient land, sea and air transportation infrastructure is fundamental to economic growth and community development.
“However, we are faced with a different range of challenges and all of us in this room have a responsibility to be proactive.”
Tkatckenko said the Apec region was faced with a number of other challenges.
These included the role of women, support for small and medium enterprises and concerns surrounding trafficking of humans and wildlife. Global efforts have been undertaken to raise awareness and advocacy, he said.
“All of our economies have different challenges, but for all of us complacency is not an option. In the modern digital age, we cannot respond to these challenges alone,” he said.
“The challenges we face in the transportation sector are not just domestic, they are regional and global and require multilateral action.
“The theme on sustainability and innovation in the digital age complements the global call for sustainable development beyond borders.
“This is all about exploring innovative opportunities through modern technology platforms while ensuring that we are still resilient and being inclusive with no one left behind.
“We must embrace new and innovative products and services. We need to implement projects that will promote sustainable development while promoting inclusiveness in regional supply chains.”
Tkatchenko said the convergence of infrastructure and services would enhance mobility and improve supply chain connectivity.
“This focus on reducing emissions and promoting sustainable travel is highly relevant to all of our people.
“I commit our government to implementing reforms and measures that will enhance the transportation sector in our region. Apec economies represent more than half of the global trade.”

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