Tribal fights scare public servants


KILLINGS and tribal fights near government and church-run institutions are scaring public servants in Hela, a United Church bishop says.
Some of them are thinking of leaving, he said.
Hela United Church Bishop Rev Wai Tege said a recent beheading of an elderly man at Hoiebia village in the Tari-Pori district has frightened Hoiebia Secondary and Primary school teachers.
He said many killings occurred inside churches while pastors and families were being harassed.
Killings and tribal fights will result in public servants from other provinces leaving Hela, he said.
“Today’s youths lack discipline and are too quick to create problems in the community,” Tege said.
“This is an issue we have and all churches must combine and pray for peace in Hela and the community leaders must help discipline the youths.
“We need to change, we cannot continue to take our guns and kill people when there are options available to handle problems.”
Tege said police in Hela were doing a great job in combating law and order problems but they lacked manpower and logistic support.
He said because of people’s negligence, fear of intimidation and harassment, murderers and law breakers were moving around freely and continued to create problems.
“Warring tribes must have respect for government and church-run services such as schools and health facilities as they will be the ones who will benefit,” Tege said.
He said tribal conflicts should be sorted out in their villages and not near government and church services.

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