Tropicana provides browsing products for tourists, locals


TROPICANA Limited in Kokopo city, East New Britain, has provided comfortable product browsing for tourists and locals, ENB Tourism Authority chief executive officer Gard Renson says.
While praising the company for raising commercial standards in Kokopo with its new shopping mall, Renson said tourists loved shopping and it was important that shops in Kokopo provided shopping opportunities especially in art and craft.
“Tropicana has provided a shopping mall, a first of its kind in Kokopo to complement our city status,” he said.
“It is important that people also take pride in the new development and complement it by selling items that depict and promote our locality and culture.”
He said the mall was in a friendly location.
“I have no doubt tourists will be going there for either shopping or to mingle with locals,” Renson said.
The new mall was open to the public late last month.
Managing director Sandra Lau said the mall was opened without full completion and there was “more to finish.”
Lau said construction work on the restaurant, freezer area and bakery was progressing well.
She said the mall was expected to be completed by end of the year.
The mall has three floors connected by escalators.
Construction work on the main building had taken more than a year.
The company decided to build the mall to replace the old Tropicanna Supermarket burnt down in 2014.

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