Trucking companies plan way to beat roadblocks

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TRUCKING companies in Lae are expected to assemble at the old Lae airstrip today to move in a convoy to Mt Hagen and beyond.
The companies decided to take positive action as a result of yesterday’s Road Transport Association (RTA) meeting.
Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) president Allan McLay said the action taken by the truckies was a positive move to get the trucks through the roadblocks between Chimbu and Jiwaka.
There have been mixed messages about the roadblocks over the death of two policemen during the recent elections.
Police Commission Gari Baki on Wednesday thanked the relatives of the two shot policemen for reopening the roads but those in the area said otherwise.
McLay said the roadblock between Jiwaka and Chimbu was not against trucking companies using the Highlands Highway but over the deaths of the two policemen.
“The roadblock is a result of election-related deaths of policemen from these two areas,” he said.
“The government doesn’t seem to address it. Statements had been made on the problems in hand with the roads to be opened.
“We are advised that fuel, food and other essentials are running short in all the towns beyond Jiwaka. The people manning these roadblocks seem to be allowing some small passenger vehicles through, but no trucks carrying the necessary cargo have been allowed through,” McLay said.

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