Trukai Industries promotes solar-powered machines


TRUKAI Industries Ltd is introducing a solar-powered agro-processing machine as a means of reducing pollution and costs.
Rice development manager for Trukai Humphrey Saese said it was suitable for small-scale rice processing in rural areas.
“This machine is a combination of rice huller and polisher and would be helpful to rural farmers,” he told The National.
Saese acknowledged the machine did not need frequent maintenance like diesel agro-machines and it was cheaper to use in the long run.
He said that Trukai worked closely with project support services to introduce the machine.
Project Support Services manager Mathew Carr said the machine could run for about five hours a day and produce up to 240kg of brown rice or 100kg of white rice.
He said there was also an option to upgrade the system to accommodate about 1000W solar panels to produce up to 500kg of brown rice or 200kg of white rice per day.
“This solar-powered agro-machine has an adaptable power unit that can run multiple machines like rice mill, corn mill, coconut scraper and cassava grater,” Carr said.

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