Trukai sponsors pool challenge for K3000


AFTER hosting the Labu Holdings pool challenge, the Aviat Social and Sporting Club in Lae, Morobe, is set for another competition.
This time the competition is sponsored by Trukai Industries Ltd with K3000 under the name ‘Trukai 8 Ball Pool 2017 Super Fours Challenge’ and was launched last Friday night.
President of Aviat Club Karo Gamoga acknowledged Trukai for the sponsorship and said such assistance to sporting events was hard to come by these days.
“With Trukai on board to sponsor the challenge, it’s an opportunity for the club to show that it can host bigger competitions,” Gamoga said.
The competition will run for four to five weeks.
Gamoga said the super fours challenge would involve teams of three male players and one female player.
Each team would have to pay a team affiliation fee of K100 and player registration fee of K30 for members and K50 for non-members.

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