Try these Bible verses


IN response to Dafo, of Telefomin, and others who say that the first day is not a day of worship, I say their claims are not only false but erroneous, misleading, confusing and man-made propaganda and the work of people who do not read and understand their Bible.
The Bible verses they are relying on are not the appropriate Bible verses to discuss the day of worship, therefore it is misleading and confusing.
The right Bible verse that refers to subject matter is Exodus 12:16 and I quote: “On the first day and again on the seventh day you shall worship me. Do not work at all on these days, except you may prepare food for everyone to eat – that is all you may do.”
This command was given to the people of Israel through Moses by God during the Passover. Note that the Passover came before the law was given to Moses.


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