TSC please investigate Tvet inspectors


ONE or two Technical Vocational Education and Training (Tvet) inspectors doing routine inspections around the colleges are using threatening comments to teachers to be put off the payroll, deregistration and all these if they are not complying to inspections requirements upon inspections given.
This is believed to be a direct insult to the teachers on the ground. This sort of comments is unbecoming of an inspector.
If Teaching Service Commission (TSC) can investigate the inspectors of their grounds of using such harsh comments like that.
The teachers are well-qualified and experienced in the system that they are now.
It is time inspectors use devising appropriate survey questionnaires and collect information required from a good number of populations and have them compiled for inspection reports apart from going through the traditional inspection processes of getting information.
The survey information could be collected from classes and also from other teacher colleagues.
There are different skilling and courses in the Tvet Colleges and inspectors are supposed to be using the standards to measure the performances of teachers and not directly attacking them on mere hearsays from few sources or upon one or two inspections carried out.

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