Tsiamalili Jr shares ideas from a performance centres’ meeting in Durban


Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation chief executive officer Peter Tsiamalili Jr, pictured,  said the recent trip to Durban, South Africa on Aug 27 to attend an Association of Sports Performance Centres conference was beneficial.
He was accompanied by High Performance PNG director Aaron Alsop who spoke of the new ideas and concepts relating to sports development and its relevance to PNG.
Tsiamalili Jr said he was pleased that the HPPNG had been accepted into the ASPC as a member which includes 80 other high performance centres around the world.
“There are about 80 high performance centres around the world that are working together and collaborating on the latest information in sports at the elite level,” Tsiamalili said.
“Intellectual properties are being shared among these 80 nations, we are very fortunate we are the only Pacific Island nation to be accepted into the association. This is the result of the hard good work done by the high performance director and his team.”
“This is the realisation of the vision behind the establishment the HPS, it was the initiative of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the previous Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko to ensure that we had the HP centre continue after the Pacific Games in 2015 continuing the legacy to ensure that we have elite athletes and sporting teams that continue to perform at their peak,” Tsiamalili said
HPS Director Alsop said: “The benefit for us in PNG is that we can share and learn from other centres, that’s really important for us because we want to ensure that we operate to the highest standards. While also making concepts and programmes relevant to the PNG context. We must be very strategic in were we invest our resources.”
The main priority of the HPS is the replication of its Centre of Excellence model that they have in Port Moresby to other parts of the country.
Currently there are Sport Foundation facilities in Lae at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium with a 10-member staff with existing facilities at the National Sport Institute in Goroka.

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