Tuke wants political stability in district


POLITICAL stability is required for consistent flow of basic services to the people, according to re-elected People’s Progress Party candidate and Kainantu MP Johnson Tuke.
Tuke said for any district or province to develop properly and for effective supply of services there should be stability in the government.
He thanked the people of Kainantu for re-electing him a second term.
“I thank the people of Kamano One, Kamano Two, Agarabu and Kainantu Urban LLG for having confidence in me to represent them in the 10th parliament,” Tuke said.
“They have demonstrated that Kainantu needs stability, I will continue from where I left off, continuing to deliver services to the people.”
Tuke said he would like to build a new Kainantu district administration building to replace the one that was burnt down six years ago.
Tuke polled 12,921 votes to go above the 12,000 absolute majority.
The runner-up was PNG Christian Democratic Party candidate William Hagahuno with 7 615 votes.
Eastern Highlands election steering committee chairman and provincial administrator Samson Akunai assured the people that K10 million to roll out development projects for Kainantu remained intact.

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