Turi: Inform police in advance


POLICE need to be advised in advance of any inspection of shops owned by foreigners in Port Moresby by State agencies, Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi says.
He said authorities must write to his office before any such inspections were carried out requiring the use of police officers.
“Any request from PNG Port, PNG Power, Immigration etc, must be in writing or call my office before using police officers,” he said.
“It must be an official operation. Without this, we will not assist anybody. If you find trouble, you will be dealt with.”
He said officers involved in such unauthorised exercises had already been charged and would be dismissed from the force.
He said they were involved in an illegal raid on foreigners.
Turi said some Immigration and Labour officer picked on certain shops to raid after being tipped off by other rival foreign-owned businesses.
“This is a trend between the Asian owners who after working for them break away to operate their own business,” he said.
“The other will use the police officers and immigration to deport them. That is the jealousy going on among themselves. They use false accusation and claims for police to do their work.”

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