Tvet schools facing obstacles


LACK of awareness in Technical Vocational Educational Training (Tvet) has left that section of education with obstacles but it has the potential to become a big part of the education system, coordinators say.
They said vocational schools around the country lacked infrastructure, most teachers could not be admitted by the Teaching Service Commission as they had only trade qualifications, Tuition Fee Free (TFF) could not cover the operational costs and teachers with teaching and trade qualifications were not paid well enough.
These were among issues expressed by Lai Angoun of Enga, John Kambu of Chimbu and Yausi Yahimenik of Eastern Highlands, who were among the provincial coordinators and education advisers from the 22 provinces attending a weeklong Tvet coordinators’ conference
“The purpose of this workshop is to enhance coordination and operation of provincial Tvet development and reform implementation,” Tvet school operation assistant secretary Asseneth Tugiau said.
“In this workshop, we discuss strategies that will best assist the provinces to move the provincial Tvet forward.
“The need in the provinces now is for them to develop five-year development plan so that together we can assist with human resource development, infrastructure and training of teachers.”
“We need to build new infrastructure and maintain what we have and also, in terms of teachers, we need to upgrade teachers in the provinces.”
Tugiau said there were 130 vocational schools in the country.

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