Twinza discovers more potential gas fields in Gulf


THERE are areas in the Gulf of Papua which have undeveloped gas discoveries, Twinza Oil Ltd managing director Huw Evans, pictured, says.
Twinza is working on developing the Pasca A gas field 90 kilometres off Gulf.
“There are several existing undeveloped gas discoveries in the Gulf of Papua including the Flinders, Hagana, Uramu and the Pandora gas fields,” Evans said.
“These are all essentially stranded dry gas fields until a commercial development scheme can be identified.
“The areas which are currently capturing the most attention are the deeper water areas of the Gulf of Papua and Coral Sea where Exxon, Total and Oil Search have large licences which they are currently using 2D and 3D seismic to evaluate.
“These are frontier areas in which no wells have yet been drilled but may have large potential targets particularly for gas.
“PNG is fortunate to have such large and experienced companies who have committed to explore these frontier areas.”
Meanwhile, on the employment aspect of the Pasca A project, Evans said offshore projects by their nature had efficient processing facilities, and as such were not manpower-intensive.
“Our studies on workforce and training requirements indicate that the development has the potential to provide about 100 jobs during the operations phase,” Evans said.
“Of these, over half are reserved for nationals as stipulated under the Employment of Non-Citizens Act (2007). Localisation of jobs is high in our development agenda. We plan to undertake a rigorous training and localisation scheme to gradually upskill and increase the workforce.
“Our local content plan looks at development of support services and growth of non-hydrocarbon businesses that will support our field operations.
“We expect this to be a catalyst for local capacity building to support future offshore oil and gas activities in Papua New Guinea.”

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