Two dead, dozens injured in ethnic clash


TWO people are dead and 20 others injured during ethnic clashes at the Sialum compound in Lae, police says.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr told The National that the fight erupted after an intoxicated man confronted a group of gamblers last Saturday night and demanded money from them.
“The youth was attacked by those he had harassed,” Wagambie said.
“He then went and got his group and a fight erupted. The fight resulted in a man from Okapa in Eastern Highlands shot dead. An elderly woman from Salamaua collapsed and died when she saw the fighting.”
Wagambie said 20 people sustained injuries and a number of houses were razed.
Wagambie said fighting continued to Sunday morning and stopped when police arrived at the scene. But it resumed on Monday.
“Police were deployed to the area and managed to break up the fighting. Many people are homeless and displaced,” Wagambie said.
“The two parties are preparing for a peace reconciliation.
The Sialums had brought food and cows for the peace reconciliation but the incident happened,” he said.
Wagambie said police officers were stationed in the area to prevent more fighting.
Lae law and order committee chairman Sam Oyaya called on the leaders of both groups to solve the problem.
Oyaya said many times, effort and money was put into brokering peace after the after the fight.

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