Two escapees caught and returned to Buimo prison


POLICE in Lae have recaptured two prison escapees who have been on the run from Buimo Jail.
Lae police commander Anthony Wagambie Jr said one escapee was caught at Nawaeb Block and the second at the Main Market.
Wagambie said the first escapee, Amon Mong Leka, was recaptured at his residence at Nawaeb Block in the company of other men.
“Sector Response Unit was on routine patrol when they checked an area at Nawaeb Block where his house is located,” he said.
“Members saw that there was a group of young men there.
“They surrounded the area and identified the escapee.
“A homemade gun and live ammunition were also discovered during the search.”
Wagambie said the escapee was arrested, charged and returned to Buimo Jail.
He said his accomplices were also arrested and charged by police for habouring him.
Wagambie said the second escapee was recaptured at the Main Market area.
He said police on routine patrol spotted the escapee and pursued him.
Wagambie said the escapee fled and hid in a drain but police picked him up.
Meanwhile, preaching in public is  becoming a problem. Wagambie has appealed to street preachers in Lae to preach “at the right location” and not anywhere they want.
“The number of street preachers is increasing,” Wagambie said. “I have no problem with this, however, my concern is the location where they preach.
“There will be no preaching in front of shops, bus stops and busy areas.”
Wagambie said street preachers attracted people who just stand around watching, blocking the footpaths.
He said pedestrians were forced to walk onto the road.
“There have been incidences where fights have erupted through comments made by preachers,” Wagambie said.
“Preachers must not degrade other churches in public because confrontations have erupted from this.
“This is a breach of peace.
“Police will be removing preachers from busy areas to designated areas to do their preaching.”

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