Two nabbed in drug case


TWO suspects travelling to Indonesia with about 11kgs of marijuana were arrested in Aitape, West Sepik, last week, border division police commander Donald Yamasombi said yesterday.
Assistant commissioner Yamasombi said that the suspects were arrested when they took their boat to the shore for a rest at about 7am last Tuesday.
“These suspects left Wewak, East Sepik and were bound for Jayapura, Papua Province,” he said.
Yamasombi said that police searched their boat and found about 10 bags packed with marijuana.
“The suspects have been detained and are awaiting court appearance,” Yamasombi said.
He expressed concern about the lack of big boats to patrol the seas between Indonesia and West Sepik.
Meanwhile, Yamasombi said that he had just returned after attending a workshop on a new software programme in Singapore to detect the movement of firearms.
He and Kutt Saulapei attended the Interpol organised workshop on i-arms.
“This software can be used to trace illegal firearms in the country. It can trace the firearms to where it was made. It can also trace the trail of how the firearms came into the country,” Yamasombi said.

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