Two suspects in robbery case bashed to death


POLICE in Central have confirmed the deaths of two suspects involved in an armed robbery at Abau last month.
Acting commander Andrew Tovere said the suspects, both from Cloudy Bay area in Abau district, were in the company of one other man when they tried to hold up a foreign businessman who went to buy crabs at Baramata village.
He said villagers at Baramata killed the duo after they stole K3,500 in cash from the businessman.
According to police, on the morning of Sept 30, the businessman went on a usual business trip to Baramata village when the three men, armed with a shot gun and a revolver, held him up.
After they stole from him, they were chased by the villagers and one of them got away but the two captured by the villages were beaten to death.
Tovere said the bodies of the two suspects were now in the morgue at the Port Moresby General Hospital.
He said the other suspect, whose identity was unknown at this stage, was still at large.
Tovere said police did not make any arrest as they were still investigating.
Meanwhile, he said a suspect who was allegedly involved in a killing incident last Sunday at Manumu village was caught by police on Monday morning during a dawn raid.
The suspect, in his mid-20s, from Manumu village in the Hiri-West district of Centra, allegedly stabbed another man with a knife resulting in his death.

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