Two tribes reconcile after a year-long feud


HUNDREDS of people living in the Siraka settlement held a peace and reconciliation ceremony to end a year-long feud between two tribes.
There had been tension between the members of the Moripi and Toaripi tribes from Gulf after a man was killed in the settlement last September at a party.
The settlement was established in 1950 in the Kairuku-Hiri electorate. It is about five kilometres from Gerehu in the National Capital District.
Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo allocated K7000 towards the ceremony and urged the tribes to live in peace.
Siraka village court chairman Magistrate William Dickens said the man died after someone hit him on the head with a bottle.
“The party fueled by drugs and homebrew went on for two days. It was during that party when the two fought,” he said.
“Since then, relatives from both sides have been fearing a retaliation and were afraid to go hunting and gardening. So this ceremony is good for us to live a normal life.”

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