Tyson’s success as senior chef


TYSON George is a senior chef at the Beachside Brasserie in Port Moresby but to get to where he is now has not been easy for him.
George, 22, from a mixed parentage of East New Britain and Central, dropped out of school at Grade 8 in 2009.
For three months, he found out that he couldn’t advance further in his education.
It was like the end of the road, with only a Grade 8 certificate to wave around.
He felt down especially when he saw his classmates in school uniform marching to their Grade 9 classroom the following year.
George wanted to do a course in mechanical engineering at a vocational school but his father, a driver and the only bread winner, was fending for five children and could not afford it from what he was earning fortnightly.
“I realised the time wasted and wished I could have been different back then,” he said.
Life tasted as bitter as vinegar.
He spent every day alone, remorseful and wishful thoughts running through his mind.
One day, George decided to discuss with his parents what he should do with his life.
They agreed that he should find a job to help support him in pursuing his dream.
His mother managed to get him a job as a dish washer at the Beachside Brasserie at the Ela Beach Hotel.
Being a male handling dishes in the kitchen did put him off initially and most of the time he found himself with too much to do.
He wanted to give it up but his mother urged him on.
“My mom made sure I never missed a single day at work,” he said.
He made friends at work and one of them used to give him advice on what he should do to move forward.
George recalls that his mate always advised him to thank God in everything he did and to humble himself.
He is glad today that he followed his mate’s advice which has turned his life around.
He avoids activities that do not benefit his life and concentrated only on those that make him a better person.
George makes sure to always acknowledge God before he starts the day and at the end of it.
In 2010, things began to change. He kept himself busy with sports during his free time.
At work, he was trained to be a breakfast chef and later as a chef.
When he returned from leave in 2012, he was promoted to senior breakfast chef.
He has never looked back since.
Apart from his work and sports commitment, he committed himself to his family. He pays his younger brother’s school fees and helps pay the family bills.
In 2013, George was promoted to be the training supervisor for the lunch menu.
In 2014, he was the longest serving chef in the kitchen and promoted to be the breakfast supervisor.
He still aims to further his education and expand his skills as a chef.
One day, he hopes to travel the world as a chef doing what he knows best.
“Touring continents as a chef would be my greatest achievement,” he said.
The Grade 8 school drop-out has more goals to achieve and is determined to do that.

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