Unas: Establish boards


MARITIME provinces that have not established their small crafts boards have been urged to do so in order to begin implementing the Small Craft Act anticipated to be gazetted this month.
So far only eight provinces – West Sepik, East Sepik, Manus, New Ireland, Autonomous Region of Bougainville, West New Britain, Milne Bay and Central – have established their boards.
National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) chief executive officer Paul Unas said in order for the Act to be effective, the 15 maritime provinces should establish their boards as it was the boards that would agree on those standards for the act to be enforced.
“We did not get enough boards to be established by the provinces and if we have half of the boards approved then they will go through schedules and approve them and have them gazetted then the Act could be implemented and that has been the delay,” he said.
Unas said the onus was on the provincial executive councils to set up their boards.
He added that the NMSA had conducted training and awareness and written to provincial administrators to set up their boards.

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