Uncertainty in political process a worry: Lyons


THE biggest concern for the business community in East New Britain is uncertainty in the electoral and political process, outgoing president of the ENB Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ENBCCI), Nick Lyons says.
The long-term president of the provincial chamber, resigned on Tuesday and handed over the role to David Stein.
Lyons, when reacting to the formation of the new government, said members of the ENBCCI hoped that whatever took place in Parliament on Wednesday would be decisive and legitimate.
“Our biggest concern is uncertainty,” he said.
“There was so much hype on the legitimacy of returning officers, candidates and numbers in political parties and it increases uncertainty in people’s minds. “It gives the opportunity to break law and order all under the pretence of politics which should be a peaceful process and must be completed.”
He said people in the communities must not live in fear due to issues caused by politics.
Lyons said he was pleased to see the MP for Rabaul and Melanesian Liberal Party leader, Dr Allan Marat remaining a man of principle and stayed on the side in Parliament he was with in the past 10 years.
Lyons said any commentary on the political move by Gazelle MP, Jelta Wong and Kokopo MP, Emil Tamur was premature as both leaders were likely to have their people’s interest at heart and people needed to understand party politics.

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