Undersea mining not beneficial, says Sir J


NEW Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan has spoken out against undersea mining in his province by Nautilus Minerals.
He said New Ireland had also not benefited fully from the Lihir mine.
Sir Julius said last Friday that he had a lot of reservations given the possible environmental impact of undersea mining in his province.
“When you drill down, one-mile deep, I don’t know,” he said.
“The sea, in my province, is the garden of my people.
“That’s why we don’t have too much food security problems.
“I have great reservations and I want to tell you that I’m not a friend of Nautilus. They make all kinds of promises.
“They even promised me they would build bridges four years ago but they did not even design a bridge for me to have a look at.
“I’ve trod very cautiously on this one.”
Sir Julius said the Lihir Island had also not benefitted fully from the mine.
“After 20 years, Lihir has not even got a proper ring road,” he said.
“The water is polluted, sometimes the fish die.
“They say all the nice and promising things in their negotiations, but when they start to operate, they put up barricades.”

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